Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson's Remarks

Feature Story News: A question about the advisory against traveling to Australia. What factual data or information is there to support the claim that there has been an increase in racial attacks in Australia and why's Australia being singled out specifically in issuing this travel advisory?

Hua Chunying: Of course, China's travel alert comes with full evidence. You should have noticed that very clearly if you paid attention to relevant Australian media.

For a while, there have been many discrimination cases against Chinese nationals, Chinese Australians and even Asians in Australia, which were also reported by Australian media. For example, some Australian politicians and media called the novel coronavirus "China virus" and viciously altered some elements on China's national flag and emblem. Many Chinese in Australia were insulted or even attacked. Some Chinese and Asian families' properties were vandalized. Chinese and Asians encountered unjust treatment at workplace. In Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and other Australian cities there has been racist graffiti against Chinese. According to statistics collected by Australian Human Rights Commission, in the first quarter this year, hundreds of Asians filed complaints for racial discrimination, accounting for 25 percent of the total. Australian Broadcasting Corporation reported that within one week in April, three racist attacks targeting Chinese families took place in Australia. From January to April, the state of New South Wales received 241 complaints for racial discrimination, while the number is 22 from March to the beginning of May in the state of Queensland. Aren't those facts convincing enough?

The Chinese government has been responsible in reminding Chinese citizens to make proper travel plans and protect themselves from harm. We also advise the Australian side to pay attention to the problems and take concrete measures to protect the security, rights and interests of Chinese nationals in Australia.

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