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Premier stresses sustainable development, unity in Tibet

Premier Li Keqiang inspected local socio-economic development and delivered his wishes to the Tibetan people during his tour in Nyingchi, Lhokha, and Lhasa of Southwest China's Tibet autonomous region between July 25 and 27.

Premier Li's first stop was a village in Nyingchi to understand residents' living conditions. Villagers told the Premier that now they enjoy good houses, developed roads and higher incomes through relocation projects. Development is important to eliminate poverty, enrich people and bring prosperity to Tibet, Premier Li said, stressing livelihood improvement in sustainable development in line with Tibet's circumstances.

When inspecting water resources and ecology protection at an area where the Yarlung Zangbo River and Nyang River meet, the Premier said the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau is the "water tower" of China and Asia, and efforts should be made to strengthen ecological protection, providing support to the country's sustainable development.

Premier Li also went to the construction site of the Sichuan-Tibet railway in Lhokha to see the project's progress. He said the Sichuan-Tibet railway is of great significance to the development and ecological protection of Tibet and conducive to cultivate economic drivers for Tibet's development. Currently infrastructure in China's central and western regions is weak and promoting effective investment is favorable to bridging gaps among regions, he said, while calling for targeted and sustainable measures.

At the People's Hospital of Tibet Autonomous Region, Premier Li exchanged ideas with patients and medical staff. Medical resources in Tibet still are not able to meet the needs of local people, and the government will give more support on the construction of hospitals and Tibetan medical universities, he said.

He also encouraged medical volunteers to continue to serve the Tibetan people, and train more medical staff that Tibet needs.

Meanwhile, the Premier inspected Liuwu innovation basement in Lhasa, and met with young makers. Developing entrepreneurship and innovation in Tibet means a lot to high-quality development, and more Tibetan young people are starting their own businesses, which demonstrates market vitality, he added.

The Premier also promised that a better environment will be created, and mechanical education will be supported in Tibet to cultivate talents with needed skills.

The Jokhang Temple takes a very important position in Tibetan Buddhism. The Tang-Tubo Alliance Monument in front of the temple witnessed the history of unity of the Tibetan and Han nationalities. Premier Li visited the temple and was warmly welcomed by the eminent monks and others.

He emphasized that Tibet has been an inseparable part of the sacred territory of the country since ancient times. He expressed hopes that religious personages will continue to devote themselves to safeguarding the unity of the country, ethnic solidarity, and a harmonious society.

Premier Li inspected the preservation of cultural relics at the Potala Palace, saying that the government will increase support for the study of precious literature and promote cultural heritage and exchanges.

He also greeted people gathered on Potala Palace Square and expressed the wish that people of all ethnic groups will live in permanent harmony.

During the inspection, Premier Li paid a special visit to Pagbalha Geleg Namgyai, Raidi, Qiangba Puncog, Legqog, Basang and other senior and retired Tibetan officials. He spoke highly of the important contributions they have made to the development and stability of Tibet, as well as to the construction of the country.

Premier Li affirmed the achievements Tibet has made in recent years, and hoped that Tibet, under the strong leadership of the CPC central committee with President Xi Jinping at its core, will uphold the Party's governance strategy for Tibet, promote the prosperity of Tibet, safeguard the unity of the country, strengthen ethnic solidarity, and promote the long-term stability and social and economic development of Tibet.

State Councilor Xiao Jie accompanied Premier Li during the inspection.


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