Wang Yi and Shah Mahmood Qureshi Hold the 3rd Round of China-Pakistan Foreign Ministers' Strategic Dialogue

On July 24, 2021, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi held the 3rd round of China-Pakistan Foreign Ministers' Strategic Dialogue with Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi in Chengdu, Sichuan Province.

Wang Yi said that since China and Pakistan set up diplomatic ties 70 years ago, the two countries have worked together to overcome many difficulties and obstacles, defeated various risks and challenges, forged an ironclad friendship, and established an all-weather strategic partnership of cooperation. A high degree of mutual trust, mutual assistance, seeking peace and promoting development together are the most distinctive features of China-Pakistan relations, and the greatest strength in moving forward together. Over the past year, the China-Pakistan friendship has stood up to the test of major changes and a global pandemic unseen in a century. The facts have proven once again that China and Pakistan are the most reliable good neighbors, friends, brothers and partners to each other, and the friendship between the two countries is unbreakable. China is willing to work with Pakistan to take the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations as an opportunity to accelerate the construction of a closer community with a shared future in the new era, bring more benefits to the two peoples, and make greater contributions to regional stability and prosperity.

Wang Yi said that China appreciates Pakistan's strong support on the issues concerning China's core interests. China also firmly supports Pakistan in safeguarding its national sovereignty, security and development interests, exploring a development path that suits its national conditions, and playing a greater role in the regional and global arena. China has always prioritized the anti-pandemic cooperation, especially vaccine cooperation with Pakistan, and will continue to increase vaccine support to Pakistan. China appreciates Pakistan's efforts to submit a joint letter to Director-General of the World Health Organization and explicitly oppose politicization of the origin-tracing. China is ready to work with Pakistan and the international community to bring the origin-tracing back to a scientific and correct track and maintain global unity in COVID-19 responses. Both sides need to carry out the high-quality construction of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, enhance cooperation in infrastructure, information technology, agriculture, people's livelihood and other fields, and expand the Economic Corridor to the whole region.

Qureshi expressed condolences to China regarding the severe floods in Henan Province. He said that China is Pakistan's long-standing strategic partner. Strengthening the ironclad Pakistan-China friendship is the common understanding of the whole country and the basis of Pakistan's foreign policies. In the face of the major global changes, it is indispensable to enhance the coordination and cooperation between Pakistan and China. Pakistan thanks China for its valuable support for Pakistan's fight against the pandemic, and condemns all smears against China. Pakistan is ready to join hands with China and firmly support each other on the issues concerning the core interests of both sides, jointly respond to possible challenges and lift bilateral relations to a new level. Pakistan fully agrees with China's position in the origin-tracing and believes that the origin-tracing must be conducted with a scientific attitude. The Pakistan-China Economic Corridor has been supported by all Pakistanis. He hopes that greater results will be achieved in the construction of the Economic Corridor. Pakistan is willing to work closely with China to push forward Afghanistan's peace and reconciliation process and promote its peace and stability.

The two sides also exchanged in-depth views on international and regional issues of common concern.

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