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Chinese Embassy Spokesperson's Remarks on Nerikes Allehanda's Article about China

We have noticed the recent article by Lars Ströman on Nerikes Allehanda (NA) which publicly referred to Taiwan as a “country”, called for support for Taiwan to attend the World Health Assembly, and attacked and smeared the Chinese Government. We must solemnly point out that the article is full of fallacies and bias and goes against basic common sense. It constitutes a serious violation of the basic principles of Swedish diplomacy as well as the basic norms in international relations, and a severe infringement on China’s sovereignty, territorial integrity and judicial sovereignty, which we firmly oppose.

There is only one China in the world and the Taiwan region is an inalienable part of China’s territory. The Government of the People’s Republic of China is the sole legal government representing the whole of China. These have long been recognized by the international community. Taiwan was never a country, nor can it ever be a country. All Taiwan-related issues must be handled in accordance with the one China principle, which is a broad consensus of the international community including Sweden, and was confirmed in the UN General Assembly Resolution 2758. As a specialized agency of the UN, the World Health Organization must abide by the one China principle upheld by the UN General Assembly and the World Health Assembly.

Since it assumed power in May 2016, the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has obstinately pursued the separatist stance of “Taiwan independence” and refused to recognize the 1992 Consensus which embodies the one China principle, thus undermining the political foundation of cross-Strait political negotiation and Taiwan’s participation in the WHA. It was the DPP authorities who caused the current situation that the Taiwan region can’t attend the WHA. The central government of China always attaches great importance to the health and welfare of Taiwan people. In accordance with the one China principle, it has taken multiple measures to advance cross-Strait health cooperation and exchanges, and established proper arrangements for the Taiwan region of China to participate in global health affairs.

The Taiwan question represents China’s core interests of sovereignty and territorial integrity, and bears on the Chinese people’s national sentiments. The one China principle is the most important precondition and political foundation of the healthy and stable development of China-Sweden relations. We firmly oppose and will never tolerate any words or actions of “Taiwan independence” in any form. “Taiwan independence” separatist activities will inevitably only lead to a dead end.

We have no intention to interfere in the freedom of the press and speech in Sweden, but we firmly object to anyone viciously slandering China and harming China’s core interests on the pretext of the freedom of speech. China brooks no bully or insult. Anyone who insults others insults himself. China is a country of rule of law. The legal procedures and results of the Gui Minhai case must comply with relevant Chinese laws, and no one has the right to interfere.

It is hoped that Lars Ströman and NA can tell right from wrong, abide by the one China principle, respect China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, and respect China’s judicial sovereignty. We hope that Lars Ströman and NA will immediately correct the mistakes, not act as accomplices of rumormongers on China-related issues, and report China in an objective and fair manner. We urge NA to publish China’s above positions to clarify the facts and let people know the truth. The Chinese Embassy stands ready to conduct dialogue with NA and its readers in a positive and constructive attitude.

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