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Li Keqiang Speaks with Mongolian Prime Minister Luvsannamsrai Oyun-Erdene on the Phone

On the afternoon of April 7, 2021, Premier Li Keqiang had a phone conversation with Mongolian Prime Minister Luvsannamsrai Oyun-Erdene at the latter's request.

Li Keqiang spoke highly of China-Mongolia relations, and said that China is willing to work with Mongolia to continue to sustain good-neighborly relationship, equality and mutual benefit, maintain strategic communication, and deepen pragmatic cooperation, especially the cooperation in pandemic prevention and control at present. The two sides should strive to accelerate the restoration of the volume of cargo through border ports, ensure the smooth progress of cooperation on major projects, and continuously push bilateral relations to new levels. Li Keqiang said that environmental problems know no borders, China is ready to cooperate with Mongolia in environmental protection, desertification prevention and control, as well as other aspects to meet challenges.

Li Keqiang pointed out that the foundation for the Chinese economy's overall recovery is constantly being consolidated, and the Chinese economy has been deeply integrated into the world economy. China will pay close attention to changes in the international economic situation, create a better environment, and further energize market players. China will keep its economy running smoothly within a reasonable range and maintain long-term growth. He believes it will also provide opportunities for China-Mongolia cooperation and better benefit the two countries and peoples.

Oyun-Erdene said that Mongolia is committed to developing long-term good-neighborly and friendly relations with China and supports regional economic cooperation and green development. Mongolia is willing to work with China to strengthen the synergy of development strategies, deepen cooperation in such fields as the fight against the pandemic, border trade and environment protection, and advance cooperation on major projects, so as to continue to enrich the Mongolia-China comprehensive strategic partnership.

He Lifeng attended the above event.

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