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Ambassador Xu Feihong Attended the Signing Ceremony of Handing-Over of Teaching Equipments

On 8th February 2012, H.E. Mr. Xu Feihong, Chinese Ambassador to Afghanistan, attended the signing ceremony at Kabul University of handing-over of teaching equipments granted by the Chinese government. Ambassador Xu and Prof. Amin, Chancellor of Kabul University, endorsed the documents on behalf of respective governments. H.E. Mr. Babobri, Deputy Minister of Higher Education of Afghanistan, Prof. Rahimi, Vice Chancellor of Kabul University, and Mr. Wu Gangchen, Commercial Counselor of the Chinese Embassy were present on the occasion.

Ambassador Xu said, the future of a country rests on education and talents. Being as the top educational institution, Kabul University has played a critical role in the cause of Afghan education development. Over the past decades, the university has been an incubator of numerous talents and made tremendous contribution to the Afghan peace and reconstruction. China felt privileged to be partnered with Kabul University and Afghan government on education cooperation. Currently, there is an increasingly closer exchange of the two countries in fields of politics, economic and trade, and culture etc. Chinese has become a more and more popular language among Afghan students who have a strong appetite for a better understanding about China. Under this context, the education cooperation enjoyed an unprecedented opportunity for the two sides. China would like to consistently provide selfless assistance for further development of Afghan higher education within its capabilities.

H.E. Babobri said that Afghanistan cherished its friendship with the Chinese government and people, being grateful for the precious aid from China and believing that this batch of advanced teaching equipments would definitely become a strong impetus to the development of Kabul University and Afghan higher education. He added that Afghan-China education has continuously benefited from the intensive interactions of universities and frequent exchanges of faculty and students. With Afghan peace and reconstruction process stepping into a new stage, the Afghans have an increasing demand for higher education. In this case, Afghanistan is willing to enhance exchange and cooperation with China on language teaching, faculty training, academic research and so on, he said.


Prof. Amin praised the Chinese aid as bona-fide in line with the very needs of Kabul University, which was highly appreciated by the whole faculty and students and regarded as an extraordinary affection of the Chinese government and people towards Afghanistan. He also briefed on Ambassador Xu the status quo of Kabul University and its external cooperation.

After the ceremony, Ambassador Xu accepted a joint interview by over 20 mainstream media in Afghanistan and answered questions.

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