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State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi Talked about Afghanistan at the Press Conference of the third Session of the 13th National people's Congress

Afghanistan, long regarded as “the heart of Asia”, has a significant impact on regional peace and stability. The fast-moving events in recent months have taken the country closer to peace than ever. But the road ahead is far from smooth. As we see it, five things cry out to be done:

First, consolidating government unity. We welcome President Ghani and Dr. Abdullah’s agreement to form a unity government, and look forward to its normal functioning as early as possible. Second, establishing the framework for talks. We call on all factions to immediately cease hostilities and reach an early agreement on the arrangements for intra-Afghan talks on the country’s future political architecture. Third, withdrawing foreign troops in an appropriate and orderly manner. The US troop withdrawal must proceed in a responsible way without undermining the interests of Afghanistan or other countries in the region. Fourth, combating terrorism. All parties need to stay focused on this to prevent a regrouping of terrorist forces. Fifth, securing external support. Afghanistan’s relations with Pakistan and other countries need to be further improved. More needs to be done to mobilize greater international support and collaboration for the peace and reconciliation process.

In China’s view, the process must be guided by three principles:

First, it should be Afghan-led. It must be left to the people of Afghanistan to decide their country’s future and grasp the nation’s destiny in their hands. Second, it should prioritize peace. No party may resort to the use of force to advance their interests. Third, the process should be broadly representative and inclusive to set the stage for a more inclusive, united and energetic Afghanistan.

The Afghan people are entitled to a better life free from the shadow of war. As close neighbors and brothers, the Chinese people have stood shoulder-to-shoulder with them. Going forward, China will continue to play an active and constructive role in promoting intra-Afghan talks, restoring peace and stability and advancing economic recovery in Afghanistan, and facilitating its participation in regional cooperation.

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