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Ambassador Cheng Jingye Visits Injured Chinese Students

On November 3, 2017, Ambassador Cheng Jingye, upon returning from official duty report in China, visited the three injured Chinese students in Canberra College, who were recently assaulted at Woden Bus Interchange Canberra. Ambassador Cheng expressed his warm consolation to the students and wished them an early recovery. Officials of ACT Education Directorate and the Colleges concerned took part in the meeting.

The Ambassador reiterated the Chinese government's serious concerns on this violence,stressing that the Chinese Embassy in Australia attaches great importance to the safety of Chinese students in Australia. The Embassy is always poised to provide assistance and consular service to Chinese nationals, with a view to ensuring their legitimate rights and interests be duly protected. The Ambassador also urged the relevant ACT agencies to deal with the case in a serious and proper manner. He further requested that all possible steps be taken to ensure the protection of the safety and well-being of Chinese students, and to avoid similar incident from happening again.

The Chinese students expressed their sincere thanks to Ambassador Cheng. The official of the ACT Education Directorate briefed the Ambassador about the measures that have been taken to tackle the incident and assured the students the relevant authorities will continue to provide all necessary assistance to them .

The Embassy will follow up this case closely.

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