Chinese Embassy's Spokesperson Responding to a Question on Ambassador Cheng Jingye's Phone Call with DFAT Sectary Frances Adamson

Question: Some Australian media have reported the phone call between H.E. Ambassador Cheng Jingye and DFAT Secretary Frances Adamson. Do you consider the reported content true to the fact?

Spokesperson: I noticed relevant reports by Australian media, which are misleading. On 27 April, Ambassador Cheng Jingye took a phone call from DFAT Secretary Frances Adamson, I would like to highlight the content of their conversation as follows:

Secretary Adamson firstly congratulated on and spoke highly of Wuhan's accomplishment that there is no longer any confirmed COVID-19 case, and appreciated the assistance rendered by the Chinese side on the purchase of medical supplies in China by eight Australian companies. Ambassador Cheng also recognized the progress achieved in Australia in fighting COVID-19 .

Secretary Adamson tried her best to defend Australia's proposal about the independent review, saying the proposal neither has political motive nor targets China. She also admitted it is not the time to commence the review now and Australia has no details of the proposal. She further said that Australia does not want the matter to have any impact on Australia-China relationship.

Ambassador Cheng elaborated clearly China's relevant position, stressing that no matter what excuses the Australian side has made, the fact can not be buried that the proposal is a political maneuver. Just as a western saying goes: Cry up wine and sell vinegar. Ambassador Cheng flatly rejected the concern expressed from the Australian side over his remarks during the recent AFR interview, and called on Australia to put aside ideological bias, stop political games and do more thing to promote the bilateral relations.



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