Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson's Remarks

Beijing Youth Daily: On March 11, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said the US will bring the world together in speaking with one voice in condemning China’s actions and will take actions to make sure that none of the companies are providing China with things that they can use to repress minority groups. Does China have any comment?

Zhao Lijian: The US has been repeating the lie of the century that there is genocide in Xinjiang. Its obsession with smearing and slandering China only reveals its three-fold conspiracy.

First, disrupting Xinjiang to contain China. Xinjiang, a vast region with an important geographical location, is at the center of the Silk Road Economic Belt and a gateway for China’s opening-up on the west. On Xinjiang-related issues, some in the US are truly in a league of their own with their feverish minds and sinister means. The US committed genocide on native Indians, traded and enslaved black people, and wantonly invaded and interfered in sovereign countries. There is solid evidence for its numerous crimes. Some in the US concocted the lies of “detention camps”, “genocide”, “forced labor” and “systemic sexual abuse” on Xinjiang-related issues out of thin air. They also keep up a constant effort to refurbish their lies. Now they even attempt to defile the speckless cotton in Xinjiang. The accusations they place on China are better left to the US itself. The last thing those in the US care about is facts and truth. Their true intention is to deal a heavy blow to Xinjiang’s cotton textile industry, disrupt prosperity and stability in the region and hold back China’s development.

Second, sowing discord between China and Muslim countries. We would like to remind the US that 64 countries, including Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Iran, Syria and Pakistan, spoke with one voice at the 46th session of the UN Human Rights Council to support China on Xinjiang-related issues. Not long ago, SCO Secretary-General and ambassadors and other diplomats posted in China by 21 countries went to visit Xinjiang. After seeing what’s happening in Xinjiang, they came to the conclusion that slanders against China by anti-China elements are groundless. They understand and support Xinjiang’s counter-terrorism and de-radicalization efforts, and commend its stability, prosperity and unprecedented development achievements. As the fact has shown, the vicious US conspiracy to sow discord has no effect whatsoever on Muslim countries and visionary people of the international community. Instead of caring about the human rights of people in Xinjiang, some in the US are taking advantage of the religious sentiments of Muslims to drive wedges between China and Muslim countries.

Third, covering up its own deplorable record on the treatment of Muslims. Since 2001, the US has launched military operations in over 80 countries in the name of fighting terrorism, taking more than 800,000 lives, including 330,000 civilians. By citing a test tube of laundry powder and a staged video, the US blatantly invaded sovereign countries including Iraq and Syria, causing tens of thousands of civilian casualties and making tens of millions homeless. Is this how the US cares for the Muslims? Why does the US “worry itself sick” over Muslims in Xinjiang only? Muslims around the world have long been afflicted by the US that does not care about Muslims at all and is just trying to divert the Muslim community’s anger toward itself.

If the US is bent on repeating lies 1,000 times, we will reiterate the truth 10,000 times. Whether the US chooses to see and believe it or not, facts and truth about Xinjiang will stay unshakable like the towering mountain of Tianshan and clear like the crystal lake of Tianchi. Prosperity, stability and ethnic harmony in Xinjiang are the source of our confidence. The US lies on Xinjiang will collapse and its attempt to contain China is doomed to fail.


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