Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson's Remarks

Global Times: It is reported that Australian Industry Group chief executive Innes Willox warned the nation was facing a long-feared "day of reckoning" between its security and economic relationships. He urged the government to calm tensions with China through "negotiation, common sense and diplomacy" and called for an end to inflammatory language. He believed that the industrial and business community should work to avoid an escalation of tensions. Do you have any comment?

Zhao Lijian: I noted relevant reports. For quite some time, the Australian government has repeatedly made provocative and confrontational moves on such issues of China's core interests and major concerns as those related to Hong Kong, Xinjiang and Taiwan. This has severely undermined the political trust and cooperation foundation between the two sides.

We noticed that more and more visionary people in Australia expressed their concern over this, calling on the Australian government to reflect on its China policy and putting forward very valuable suggestions. We hope the Australian government will face squarely the crux of the setbacks of the bilateral relations, take China's concerns seriously and heed rational voices. Australia should set aside the cold war mentality and ideological bias, and do more things that are conducive to mutual trust and cooperation and are in line with the China-Australia comprehensive strategic partnership.


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