Chinese Embassy Spokesperson's Responding to the Australian Side's Remarks on Cyber Issues

China firmly rejects the groundless accusations made by the Australian government on cyber issues, following the steps and parroting the rhetoric of the US.

It is well known that the US has engaged in unscrupulous, massive and indiscriminate eavesdropping on many countries including its allies. It is the world champion of malicious cyber attacks. Australia also has a poor record, including monitoring the mobile phone of the president of its biggest neighbor country, not to mention acting as an accomplice for the US’ eavesdropping activities under the framework of Five Eyes alliance. What the Australian government has done is extremely hypocritical, like a thief crying "stop the thief".

As a victim of cyber attacks, China always firmly opposes cyber attacks and cyber theft in all forms, and calls on countries to advance dialogue and cooperation to safeguard cyber security.China put forward the Global Initiative on Data Security last September, and hopes that all countries will respond positively to jointly foster a peaceful, secure, open and cooperative cyberspace, if they genuinely care about cyber security.

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