Ambassador Cheng Jingye Bids Farewell to All Walks of Life in Australia

Chinese Ambassador H.E. Mr Cheng Jingye has bid farewell to people from all walks of life in Australia, including political circle, business, academia, local governments, diplomatic missions and overseas Chinese community, through meetings, phone calls and correspondence in the past few days, before completing his tour of duty as Ambassador of China to Australia.

Ambassador Cheng extended his heartfelt gratitude for their support and assistance during his more than 5 years’ term, and expressed appreciation for their efforts and contributions to promoting China-Australia friendship and cooperation. Ambassador Cheng emphasized that a sound and stable China-Australia relations serves the fundamental interests of both countries and both peoples. The current difficult situation facing China-Australia relations is saddening. It is hoped that the Australian side will work in the same direction with the Chinese side, on the basis of mutual respect, equality and mutual benefit, to overcome the difficulties and make joint efforts to push the bilateral relations back to the right track as soon as possible.

Ambassador Cheng also thanked the overseas Chinese living in Australia for their efforts to facilitate exchanges and cooperation between China and Australia, building a bridge of friendship between both peoples. It is hoped that the overseas Chinese in Australia will continue to be participants, builders and promoters of China-Australia relations and inject more positive energy into the bilateral relations.

People from all circles affirm the importance of Australia-China relations, look forward to the improvement of the bilateral relations and are committed to playing constructive roles in this regard. They also spoke highly of Ambassador Cheng's work during his tenure in Australia.

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