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Cultural Office
Add: 6 Terrigal Crescent, O'Malley ACT 2606 Australia

Telephone: (61-2) 62862588,  
Facsimile: (61-2) 62901898

The Cultural Office of the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Australia mainly undertakes the cultural exchange and cooperation between China and Australia and the introduction of Chinese culture to the Australian people.

The Cultural Office implements the cultural exchange projects under the Agreement on Cultural Cooperation and its Implementing Program signed between the Governments of China and Australia. The projects cover such areas as literature, publication, theatre, music, dance, film and television, fine arts and sports. The Office also helps promote the exchange between the sister provinces/cities, trade unions, youth organizations and women's organizations of the two countries.

The general public can obtain publications or borrow films/videos from the Cultural Office, free of charge, on China's history, culture, the arts, tourism, politics, economy, and science and technology. At present, the following categories of publications are available:

General Information

  • Land and Resources
  • Administrative Divisions
  • History
  • Population and Ethnic Groups
  • Political System
  • Foreign Policy
  • People's Live


  • Hong Kong
  • Macao's Return to Its Motherland
  • Taiwan Question
  • Tibet
  • Human Rights Issues
  • Intellectual property Rights Protection
  • Deng Xiaoping, A Great Man of This Century
  • The Three-Gorges Project
  • Defense and Arms Control
  • Grain Issue in China
  • Environment Protection in China
  • Family Planning
  • The National People's Congress
  • The Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference
  • China's Democratic Parties and the Political Party System
  • China and World Peace
  • China's Resolute Cooperation With the UN
  • China's Diplomacy Turns toward the New Century
  • China Protects Intellectual Property Rights
  • China's Stand and Attitude on the Nuclear Issue
  • China in the Second World War
  • Government Organizational Reform and Public Service System
  • China's Ocean Development and Protection
  • The Protection And Development Of Wildlife


  • China's Foreign Service Organs
  • How to Invest in China
  • Finance Market in China Enticing
  • Tax System Conforms with International Practices
  • Central and Western China: A Magnet For Investment
  • Overseas Entrepreneurs in The Chinese Market
  • Reform, Opening and Economic Legislation
  • Reemployment Program for Layoffs
  • Chinese Enterprise Groups-Brimming With Vitality
  • China's Steady Economic Development
  • Factors Fueling China's Rapid Economic Development
  • Beijing Investment Guide
  • The Progress of Economic And Technological Development Zones
  • Tangshan Opens to the Whole World
  • China's Market Attracts Foreign Business People
  • Marching Towards the Big Market-A Glimpse of Marketing in Zhejiang
  • Top Ten Joint Ventures
  • The Entry of Transnational Companies into China
  • Eco-agriculture in Xiaozhangzhuang Village
  • Strengthening China's Transportation, Telecommunications and Energy
  • Infrastructures

Culture & the Arts

  • Arts & Crafts
  • China Folk Dance
  • Chinese Medicine
  • The World-Renowned Chinese Acrobatics
  • Beijing Art Museum
  • Printing In Ancient China
  • Chinese Calligraphy and Painting
  • Foreign Cuisine in Beijing
  • Chinese Tea Culture
  • Liulichang in Beijing
  • The Art of Clay And Fire


  • Protestantism in China
  • Buddhism in China
  • Islam in China

For borrowing films or videos,
please contact the Cultural Office at

Tel: (61-2) 6286 2588
Fax: (61-2) 6290 1898

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