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Chinese Ambassador to Australia CHENG Jingye: The World Wants a Successful G20 Summit

On September 2, 2016, The Australian Financial Review published an article titled 'The world wants successful G20 summit to set long-term plan' by Chinese Ambassador to Australia CHENG Jingye.

Ambassador CHENG spelt out in the article the theme, objectives, significance and expected outcomes of the G20 Hangzhou Summit. He wrote that ‘both China and Australia are founding members of G20. We share similar views on major issues and have always maintained close interaction and cooperation. The Chinese side looks forward to working with Australia and other parties in a joint effort to make the summit a success.’

Ambassador CHENG also pointed out that as uncertainties loom large on the world economy and nations far and wide were confronted with daunting development challenges, it was time we convene at the G20 Hangzhou Summit. It will go a long way towards boosting confidence of all parties and encouraging a joint response to challenges. And it will make an important contribution to promoting world economic growth and improving global economic governance.

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