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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Lu Kang's comments on remarks of Australian Minister for International Development and the Pacific

Q: The Australian Minister for International Development and the Pacific was quoted in The Australian, a newspaper in Australia, as saying that Chinese infrastructure projects in the South Pacific are not productive and are giving unfavorable financial terms. What's your response to that?

A: The remarks made by the Australian official show scant regard for the facts and are nothing but irresponsible. The Chinese side has lodged representations with the Australian government on this.

For a long time, on the basis of fully respecting the will of the Pacific island countries' governments and people and taking into full account of their development needs, China has offered a great deal of assistance to them. The facts have proven that the assistance provided by China has significantly fueled the economic and social development of these countries and delivered tangible benefits to the local people, which has been warmly welcomed by the governments and people of these countries. No one knows better than the people and governments of these countries on whether China's assistance is productive or not. We hope that certain people in Australia should engage in self-refection instead of pointing fingers at and making irresponsible remarks on other countries.

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