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Scam Call Alert

The Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Australia would like to post a public alert that the telephone number 02-62283999 and 02-62283948 which were originally the number of the Switchboard and Consular Assistance Phone of the Embassy have been misappropriated by the frauds.Please stay cautious if receiving calls from these numbers. The frauds may continue to misappropriate other phone numbers of the Embassy . If you receive a seeming call, please hang up immediately or call 02-62283998 to verify.If you have already revealed your personal information, we suggest youreport to the local police immediately.

Reported frauds will often have the following patterns. Caller ID would be displayed as either of the above mentioned numbers 02-6228 3999 or 02-62283948, the frauds would pretend to be one of the staffs of the Embassy, claiming with an automated message that the Embassy has an important notification awaiting for collection.The next step would ask victims to press 9 for an operator. This step ofteninvolves acquiring for victims’ names, phone numbers, passport numbers and other personal information. Then victims will be informed that their bank cardsor personal information were stolen and misused and they were involved in a criminal case in China. The victims will then be questioned by the so-calledChinese Public Security Department or the so-called International Criminal Police Organization which are totally fake for further investigation. Sometimes the victims can even really see a fake warrant with their names on it by logging on a false website. Finally the victims will be informed that they can only solve this problem by transferring fund to an appointed bank accountand cooperating with police investigation.

The Chinese Embassy in Australia would like to remind the public that if you have received calls or had miss calls from either 02-62283999 or 02-62283948, please disregard these calls as they are both scam calls and it is NOT generated from the Chinese Embassy or any other Consulates in Australia.

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