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Clive Palmer apologizes for insulting Chinese

On August 26, Australian MP Clive Palmer sent a letter of apology to the Chinese Ambassador Mr. Ma Zhaoxu, offering a genuine and sincere apology for insulting the Chinese people in a recent media interview.

Ambassador Ma Zhaoxu pointed out that after Mr. Palmer's media interview, the Chinese government expressed its strong indignation and severe condemnation at Palmer's insulting remarks. The Chinese community in Australia also strongly protested against his wrong remarks. The Australian government and people from all walks of life also expressed their strong condemnation and emphasized that Palmer's insulting remarks on China could by no means represent the Australian government and parliament, let alone its people.

Ambassador Ma stressed that the Chinese people are never to be insulted. Any remarks attacking or slandering China would not gain support and were doomed to failure. The healthy and stable development of China-Australia relations is in the fundamental interests of the two countries and peoples, and cannot be overturned by any individual.

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