Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying's Remarks

The Paper: About the crimes committed by some Australian soldiers in Afghanistan, the Australian leader said their aim was to uphold the country's values. Australia also encouraged those with same values to speak for itself. Couple of hours ago, a deputy spokesperson of the U.S. State Department expressed support for Australia and accused China of "fabricating an image" and "spreading disinformation". This deputy spokesperson also attacked China for "human rights abuses" in Xinjiang, while they always claim to be defenders of human rights. What's China's comment on that?

Hua Chunying: I elaborated on China's stance on this issue yesterday and the day before. Frankly, I wasn't planning to say more about this, but now with the U.S. State Department deputy spokesperson and the Australian side stressing their values again, accusing China of "fabricating an image" and launching false allegations on Xinjiang-related matters, I must emphasize the facts one more time on this occasion.

First of all, what's posted online was not a photo or a "fabricated photo", but a graphic created with computer techniques by a young artist based on facts published in the Australian Defense Department's inquiry report and reported by Australian media. If some in Australia cannot stand this graphic, then the truth depicted in online photos and videos can only be described as even more horrific. Australian media Four Corners also presented photos like this in its reporting. Details in the Defense Department report include: killing many men (and sometimes women and children); when the Special Forces left, the men and boys would be found dead: shot in the head or blindfolded and with throats slit. There were also two 14-year-old boys who throats were slit, and the soldiers "cleaned up the mess" by bagging the bodies and throwing them into a nearby river.

Second, Australia said its aim was to uphold the country's values. So what are these values? Are the disclosed crimes committed by some Australian soldiers in Afghanistan consistent with Australia's values? Is it in line with Australia's values that some of its soldiers killed civilians and children while allowing no comment or criticism? Is it in line with Australia's values that they on the one hand fabricate facts to launch smearing attacks against others while, on the other hand, not allowing other to comment on their erroneous and bad deeds? If you have obviously done something wrong and bad, but refuse to accept any criticism and even try to shift the blame to others, how can you ever convince people that you know what you've done wrong and that you will correct the mistakes?

I noticed some people across the world have said: what's the real reason behind their anger? Is it triggered by the photo? Of course not. This is what really irritates them: how can the Chinese have the right to point out their bad deeds or make comments about them? They have been trying their best to promote their values of "democracy, human rights and freedom", but what they have done either tramples on democracy, human rights and freedom, or reflects typical "double standard" and hypocrisy.

You mentioned the U.S. State Department deputy spokesperson accused China of "human rights abuses" in Xinjiang. We made clear the truth many times. Here I'll just briefly stress it again. So-called "human rights abuses" in Xinjiang or "persecution of ethnic minorities" are centenary lies made by extremist anti-China forces, and Australia and the United States played disgraceful roles in this. A case in point is that the Australian Strategic Policy Institute fabricated "proof" and made various sensational lies time and again, which were all exposed by facts. A press conference was recently held by Xinjiang authorities where they revealed how ridiculous ASPI's allegations on "concentration camps" are. ASPI identified all buildings with outer walls as "detention centers" in its report Documenting Xinjiang's Detention System while they are in fact civil institutions. For example, the "detention center" of Turpan city mentioned in the report is actually a local administrative building; the "detention center" of Kashi is, in fact, local high school buildings and nursing homes. They are all marked on Google Maps and Baidu Maps. Besides, according to Australian media reports, the U.S. Department of State offered ASPI a funding of as high as AU$1.37 million over the previous fiscal year, representing a 367 percent increase year on year, and all the funds were directed to research projects attacking China.

Such apparent lies and slanders are still being cited by some U.S. and Australian officials when they hurl accusations against China, which is an absurd act beneath them. We hope all parties can steadily enhance mutual understanding of each other, view each other correctly and try the best to view others as cooperation partners rather than rivals. But the bottom line is: no rumors and slanders. When they talk about rejecting disinformation, they should set an example by proving to the world that they haven't spread any disinformation about China.


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