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Chinese Embassy in Australia Hosts 2018 'China Day'

On March 4, the Chinese Embassy in Australia was aglow with festival lanterns to host the 2018 'China Day' event. About 1,600 people attended the celebration with enthusiasm, including the Deputy Secretary of the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Richard Maude; ACT Liberals Leader, Alistair Coe; officials from both federal and local government departments; representatives from the wider community; foreign diplomatic envoys; Australian Chinese and Chinese overseas students.

In his opening remarks, Ambassador Cheng Jingye extended a warm welcome to all the Chinese and foreign guests present and expressed his New Year greetings. Ambassador Cheng noted that China is an ancient civilization with a long and rich culture and Australia is a multicultural society where people from various communities converge and learn from each other. Cultural exchanges between China and Australia have enabled the two peoples to learn from each other in a way that benefits both countries.  

He pointed out that diversity makes the world a splendid place. Chinese culture has long advocated the great idea of seeking harmony in diversity. Although China differs from Australia in traditions, social systems and developmental stages, we can still seek harmony in diversity and push forward development through exchanges. Ambassador Cheng hoped that, with better mutual understanding and more reciprocal cooperation, the two nations would build a stronger foundation for bilateral relations, which would in turn bring more benefits to both peoples.

The ACT Chinese community performed a traditional lion dance following a drum troupe performance to welcome all the guests. Ambassador Cheng and Deputy Secretary Maude jointly dotted the eyes of the lions to start the celebration. Renowned artists from the China National Opera and Dance Drama Theater performed folk music ensembles and solos. Artists from the Chinese community in Australia and the staff from the Chinese Embassy presented the audience with Chinese folk songs, dances and a Guzheng solo. Chinese and Australian Tai Chi martial arts athletes demonstrated their Tai Chi and martial arts. All the wonderful performances were rewarded with rounds of enthusiastic applause from the audience.

There were also experts and teachers from the local Chinese community and the China Cultural Center in Sydney who showcased traditional Chinese arts, including paintings and calligraphy, paper-cuts, tea art, Guqin music and Chinese medicine. A large number of guests were drawn to the art show and experienced the joy of writing calligraphy, painting masks and knotting Chinese knots. The event organisers had also set up a special venue for children, providing them with opportunities to experience Chinese culture and art. The prize-winning knowledge quiz on Chinese culture and the lantern riddle activities also attracted a large number of participants.

The photo gallery of 'The Story of China' vividly showcased the latest development achievements and people's lives in contemporary China. Books and albums on Chinese politics, culture, history, tourism, economic and social development were displayed at the information booth and were well accepted by the guests. Sixteen large Chinese enterprises and institutions from the banking, telecommunications, aviation and tourism industries set up exhibition booths to introduce their business developments in Australia. Well-known Chinese restaurants in Canberra and chefs from the Chinese Embassy prepared a large variety of Chinese food, allowing the guests to enjoy an authentic dining experience.

The happy event lasted more than four hours with guests participating in a variety of activities, while enjoying Chinese culture and experiencing the friendship of the Chinese people. The guests all commented that the 'China Day' was a memorable event which helped to enhance their understanding of China.

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