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Mineral Resources
China is rich in mineral resources, with total reserves ranking third in the world. It has deposits of all the world's known minerals. To date, geologists have verified reserves of 148 different minerals. The nation's 1,001.9 billion tons of coal reserves are found mainly in Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Liaoning and Heilongjiang. Oil resources are widely distributed throughout most of the country, and more than 370 oilfields and more than 110 gas fields have been discovered. Progress has been made in offshore oil exploration since the 1980s. Large oil basins have been discovered in Bohai Sea, Yellow Sea, East China Sea, the Pearl River estuary, and the Beibu Bay and Yingge Sea in the South China Sea. Iron ore is widely dispersed throughout China, with confirmed reserves of 48.7 billion tons. China is among the countries that lead the world in such nonferrous metals as tungsten, tin, antimony, zinc, molybdenum, lead, and mercury, whereas its rare earth metal reserves far exceed the world's total.
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