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Ambassador Chen Bo Attends the Ceremony of Inaugurating Chinese Llanguage Classroom at Primary School "Sveti Sava"


       On January 26, a ceremony of unveiling the plate in the Chinese languageclassroom at the “Sveti Sava” elementary school in East New Sarajevo was held. Ambassador of the PR China to BiH Chen Bo and Republika Srpska Prime Minister Željka Cvijanović delivered a speech on that occasion.

       In her address, Chen Bo noted that cooperation between Republika Srpska and China has entered a stage of rapid development, along with the development of the “Silk and Road”. The increasingly broad cooperation requires better knowledge of our languages. Over the past years, satisfactory results in the promotion of Chinese language and culture in Republika Srpska have been achieved. The inauguration of the Chinese language learning classroom at the “Sava Sava” primary school designatesa formal entry of Chinese language into elementary and secondary schools in Republika Srpska. The Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in BiH will continue to support the studying of the Chinese language in Republika Srpska. Chen Bo encouraged the students of the “Sava Sava” primary school to make efforts in learning the Chinese language and getting to know the impressive Chinese culture.

       Prime Minister Cvijanović said that Chinese language learning in Republika Srpska has entered a new phase of development and this is a project of the future. Chinese language learning is an important instrument for removing language and cultural barriers, which will strongly improve mutual understanding, contributing thus to the development of relations of the two sides in all areas.

       Chen Bo and Cvijanović saw a show made by pupils and addressed the media.

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