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Special Representative for 16+1 Cooperation Ambassador Huo Yuzhen Attends Opening Ceremony of the 16+1 Agricultural Investment and Equipment Cooperation Fair

       On April 10th, opening ceremony of the 16+1 Agricultural Investments and Equipment Cooperation Fair was held within the International Economy Fair Mostar, BiH. Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers and Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations Mirko Šarović, Special Representative for the 16+1 Cooperation Ambassador Huo Yuzhen and Ambassador of the PR China to BiH Chen Bo attended the ceremony.

       Šarović said in his address that the International Economy Fair in Mostar is a significant event in the region. Holding the 16+1 Agricultural Investment and Cooperation Fair in its framework will provide an important platform for participating companies to present their most modern agricultural technology and equipment. Agriculture is a strategic area for BiH development. BiH is ready to strengthen cooperation with China in all areas and improve the standard of its agricultural equipment with the help of Chinese advanced technologies and experience.

       Huo Yuzhen noted that the new trend is characterized by comprehensiveness, interactivity, communication and multi-level cooperation within 16+1, which shows significant vitality and great development potential. Overall relations between China and the countries of Central and Eastern Europe are improving constantly. Fruitful results have been achieved in practical cooperation. Mechanism building is being perfected. Cultural exchange is at an unprecedented level. She expressed desire for all parties to have deep communication, using the platform of the Agricultural Investment and Equipment Cooperation Fair 16+1, to further improve agricultural cooperation of the 17 countries and comprehensive development of the 16+1 cooperation.


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       This Fair is a part of the content from the Guidelines of the Summit of Leaders of China and the Central and Eastern European Countries from Budapest, held in November 2017. It is also the first important event this year in the field of agriculture under the 16+1 cooperation. The Ministry of Agriculture of China and China Council for the Promotion of International Trade have organized participation of Chinese companies in the field of agricultural equipment, such as the YTO corporation and the Lovol heavy industry company at this Fair. Agricultural machines, such as tractors and unmanned aerial vehicles attracted political leaders and people from all circles in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region and gained universal recognition. As part of the Fair, a Business Forum on “Cooperation in Agricultural Investments and Equipment 16+1” was held.


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