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Hon. Speaker and Deputy Speaker of the House of Assembly of Barbados Visited the Embassy

On March 28, H. E. Mr. Xu Hong, Chinese Ambassador to Barbados, met with Hon. Michael Carrington, Speaker of the House of Assembly and Hon. Mara Thompson, Deputy Speaker of the House in the Chinese Embassy.



Speaker Carrington introduced that the parliament of Barbados, which was one of the oldest constitutions in the Commonwealth, had a history that could be dated back to early 1600s. He also briefed Ambassador Xu the new session of the Parliament and the focus of its work and expressed that the parliament of Barbados had kept good exchanges and communications with the National People's Congress of China and was willing to bring the bilateral political relations to a new level by enhancing the cooperations between the legislatures of both countries. Deputy Speaker Mara Thompson recalled her visit to China in 2008 with her late husband and then Prime Minister David Thompson, and indicated that Barbados and China had close cooperations in various aspects despite the long distance between the two countries and should keep this sound momentum.

Ambassador Xu said the time-tested parliament was the cornerstone of the political stability of Barbados over the years and China appreciated the parliament of Barbados with its contributions to the development of bilateral political relations. He hoped that the legislatures of China and Barbados could strengthen exchanges to increase mutual understanding and promote the bilateral relations in all fields.

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