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Call for Application for 2009 Chinese Bridge for EU Schools Delegation


The Tenth China-EU Summit was held in Beijing on 28 November 2007. During the meeting, Premier Wen Jiabao of the State Council of China met with Prime Minister Jose Socrates of the Portuguese Republic, the President of the European Council, and Mr. Jose Manuel Barroso, the President of the European Commission, and signed a Joint Statement, in which both sides agree to launch China-EU Language Exchange Project (EU Window).

In January 2008, the First Working Meeting of Policy Dialogue on Education and Vocational Training Affairs was held in the EU Headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. The meeting finalized the main programs of the "China-EU Language Exchange Project (EU Window)" from the year of 2009 to 2013.

As part of China-EU Language Project (EU Window), Hanban, also known as Office of Chinese Language Council International, will invite 100 primary and secondary school principals, directors and educators from EU countries to China every year from 2009 to 2010. The year 2009 will be the first year of the project. We hope it will serve as an opportunity for EU schools to better understand the Chinese language, culture and educational system.

Project 2009

I. Time: April 8-15, 2009

II. Itinerary:

The delegation will spend the first 2-3 days in the Chinese capital of Beijing and then divide into 3-5 groups to travel to different regional cities. In each location, delegates will visit schools, meet with Chinese educators, see historic landmarks, and participate in cultural activities.

The working languages in China will be Chinese and English.

III. Expense:

The participants are responsible for their own international travel expenses and visa fees. Hanban will cover the participants' food, accommodation and domestic transportation in China.

IV. Eligible Applicants:

l District leaders (decision makers), school principals, and district and school representatives who oversee foreign language learning

l Multiple applications from the same institution will be accepted; however, priority will be given to the most senior applicants

l Priority will be given to secondary school leaders, although elementary school educators are welcome to apply

V. Application Process

Interested applicants please download and fill out the Application Form (see attached) for Chinese Bridge for EU Schools Delegation and send the application to the Education and Culture Office, Chinese Mission to the European Communities.

Contact person: Mr. Ke Changqing, Second Secretary (Education)

Tel: 32-2-7729572 ext. 8318

Fax: 32-2-7628259

Email: paulke_72@hotmail.com

Address: Education & Culture Office

Chinese Mission to the European Communities

Boulevard de la Woluwe 100

1200 Brussels, Belgium

VI. Process of Review and Approval

The Education and Culture Office, Chinese Mission to the European Communities will give a preliminary review to all the applications and then send the application materials as well as their suggestions to Hanban, who will give the final review. The Education and Culture Office will inform the applicants of the final result.

VII. Contact information of Hanban

Contact Person: Zhang Huan, Program Coordinator,

Division of New Initiatives and International Exchanges

Tel: 86-10-5859 5960

Fax: 86-10-5859 5957

Email: zhanghuan@hanban.org

Address: 129 Deshengmenwai Street, Xicheng District, Beijing 100088

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