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Chinese Mission to the EU and European Commission Hold Webinar on Promotion of GI Products

On March 3, 2021, Chinese Mission to the EU and DG Agriculture and Rural Development (DG AGRI) of the European Commission jointly held a webinar on the promotion of products protected by geographical indications (GIs). Mr. Xia Xiang, Minister of the Economic and Commercial Affairs of the Chinese Mission, and Mr. John Clarke, Director for international affairs of DG AGRI, attended and addressed the webinar. Over 60 participants attended the event, including representatives from China’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Areas, relevant government departments of Henan, Anhui, Shaanxi and Jiangxi Provinces, GI product associations and enterprises.

Minister Xia extended congratulations on the entry into force of the China-EU GI agreement on March 1, and said that the agreement is a milestone in China-EU economic and trade relations which are proved to be mutually beneficial. Minister Xia said that the agreement will further boost economic and trade exchanges between the two sides and bring high-quality and authentic agricultural products to Chinese and EU consumers. The two sides will roll out cooperation and promotion programs to ensure the implementation and delivery of the agreement.

Mr. Clarke made positive comments on the entry into force of the agreement, and said that the EU, with its rich experience in GI protection, is ready to step up exchanges and cooperation with China. China is an important importer of the EU’s agricultural products. The EU welcomes China’s agricultural products to the European market and wishes to promote GI products together with China.

The EU side introduced the policies and state of play of GI protection in the EU and the measures taken to promote GI products in its member states and other countries. The two sides shared experience in GI protection and exchanged views on a range of topics such as how to strengthen joint efforts to promote GI products.

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