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Spokesperson of the Chinese Mission to the EU Speaks on a Question Concerning the EEAS Spokesperson's Statement on the Sentencing of Michael Spavor

Q: On August 11, the EEAS Spokesperson issued a statement on the sentencing of Canadian citizen Michael Spavor by a local Chinese court, saying that Michael Spavor was "arbitrarily detained", the trial was held behind closed doors and his right to a fair trial and due process has not been upheld. What is your response?

A: Michael Spavor is convicted of spying and illegally providing state secrets abroad, an act that seriously undermines China's national security and interests. The Chinese judiciary handled the case in strict accordance with the law, delivered a fair verdict and fully guaranteed his legitimate rights and interests. The so-called "arbitrary detention" is entirely groundless. Since the case involves state secrets, the relevant court held the trial in closed session in accordance with the law, which is beyond reproach.

Recently, the EU side has repeatedly made baseless comments on China's lawful handling of relevant cases involving foreign citizens. We strongly condemn this move as it is a gross interference in China's internal affairs and judicial sovereignty and a serious violation of basic norms governing international relations. We urge the EU side to earnestly respect the spirit of rule of law and China's judicial sovereignty, and exercise caution in words and deeds to avoid negative impacts on China-EU relations.

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