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Wang Yi: China and Russia Should Jointly Defend the Truth of History, Human Dignity and WWII Achievements

On August 16, 2021, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi had a phone conversation with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov at the latter's request.

Wang Yi said, yesterday was August 15, the day that Japan was defeated and unconditionally surrendered in the World War II (WWII). This historical moment marking the triumph of the forces behind human progress over Japanese militarism and fascism 76 years ago is worth remembering forever. The day should also be the moment for the Japanese side to thoroughly reflect on its history of aggression. However, some Japanese politicians moved against the historic trend by overtly worshiping the Yasukuni Shrine which honors WWII Class-A war criminals. All the countries and people that love peace cannot tolerate but should strongly condemn such act which is a challenge to human conscience and international justice.

Noting WWII is a calamity without parallel in human history, Wang Yi said, China and Russia, as the main battlefields in Asia and Europe, made huge national sacrifices and jointly fought against fascism, and have thus made indelible contributions to saving humans from miseries and safeguarding the world peace. As the major victorious nations of WWII, China and Russia should join hands to defend the truth of history, oppose acts to whitewash or glorify militarism, check attempts to falsify history, and never tolerate overturning the verdict on the history of aggression. China and Russia should join hands to defend human dignity, condemn the aggressors' evildoings, prevent the past tragedy from happening again, and never tolerate any words and deeds that play down aggressors from their historical responsibility for war or disculpate aggressors. China and Russia should join hands to defend WWII achievements, safeguard international fairness and justice, and never tolerate anyone's challenge to post-war achievements and international order.

Lavrov said that as the anniversary of the end of WWII is approaching, Russia and China have launched important cooperation in defending historical truth and opposing attempts to tamper with WWII achievements. Russia and China, as the main battlefields in the fight against fascism and militarism during WWII, have made a decisive contribution to the defeat of the aggressors. The two sides should continue to strengthen coordination, jointly organize commemorative events, and oppose the smearing of history by any forces.

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