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Chinese Ambassador Hu Shan Meets with Civil Society Bahamas President Terry Miller and Representatives

On November 24, 2011, Civil Society Bahamas President Terry Miller and representatives paid a courtesy call on Chinese Ambassador to The Bahamas Mr. Hu Shan. Counsellor Zhai Xingfu and Attache Yang Guang of the Chinese Embassy were present.

Civil Society Bahamas (CSB) is an umbrella organization for trade unions and NGOs in The Bahamas, with substantial impact on Bahamian political, economic and social life. Mr. Miller and his entourage wish to learn how the Chinese government worked out "vision" for development, and dealt with the contradiction between economic development and environment protection, and how the Chinese government conducted education for youth and training for women in an effort to offer their recommendations for the Bahamian government. Representatives from different professions wish to seek cooperative opportunities with China.

Ambassador Hu briefly introduced China's "Three-Step Strategy" Deng Xiaoping initiated at the beginning of its reform and opening-up and the practice of the local government in solving the problem between development and environment protection, including experiences and lessons. Ambassador Hu also exchanged views with Mr. Miller and his colleagues on China-Bahamas cooperation in agriculture, the idea of establishing a traditional Chinese medicine research and treatment center in Nassau as well as youth education and women programmes.

Mr. Miller and his entourage thanked Ambassador Hu for his introduction and agreed with the Ambassador's views. Mr. Miller said the Chinese people are good at long-term planning´╝îwhich is of great significance to the long-term development of a country. He expressed hope that the Society could draw on the Chinese experience and assist the Bahamian government in working out suitable long-term "vision of national development" for the country. He also wished to forge closer ties with the Chinese Embassy and promote the cooperation between certain trades and professions of the two countries.

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