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Ambassador Hu Shan attends Chinese Scholarship Awarding Ceremony

    On August 10, 2011, an awarding ceremony for recipients of the 2011/2012 Chinese government Scholarship and Scholarship on Human Resources Training Post-Graduate programme for foreign countries was held in the Foreign Ministry of the Bahamas.

Ambassador Hu made remarks at the Ceremony

    Chinese Ambassador Hu Shan and the Bahamian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs made remarks respectively at the ceremony and jointly presented scholarship certificates to the 9 Bahamian recipients. Over 30 people attended the ceremony, including Ambassador Sears, Director-General of the Bahamian Foreign Ministry, Counsellor Zhai Xingfu of the Chinese Embassy, other officials from both sides, scholarship recipients and their relatives.


      Hon. DPM made remarks at the Ceremony               Amb. Hu and Hon DPM awarded recepient together

    In his remarks, Ambassador Hu Shan extended his congratulations to the scholarship recipients, and cited well-know remarks of Confucius and other ancient Chinese sages and philosophers, encouraging the students to take the advantage of the opportunity to improve their capabilities through hard study, and to serve The Bahamas by putting what they learn to good use after completion of their studies in China. Ambassador Hu also hoped that the students would make their contributions to the friendship between the Chinese people and the Bahamian people.


          Bahamian student made remarks                       Ambassador with Recepients and their families

    At last, Ambassador Hu wishes them a pleasant stay in China.

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