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Ambassador Hu Shan visits the Bahama Food Service

    On October 29, 2011, Chinese Ambassador Hu Shan paid a visit to the Bahama Food Service(BFS) in the company of his whole embassy staff. President Ben Frisch of the company warmly greeted Ambassador Hu and his entourage. General Manager Jim O'Brien showed the Ambassador and his party around the company's warehouses, Lobster Tail Processing Workshop and Tilapia Salty Water Culture Laboratory. Mr O'Brien also introduced more than 9,000 items imported from over 50 countries, including garlic, mushrooms and fishes from China. He said the company wishes to import more frozen foods and canned fruits from China.


    BFS was found in 1971 and it is now the largest food distributor in the Bahamas, supplying more than one third of the food consumed in the country.

    Ambassador Hu congratulated BFS on its success. He said the Chinese Embassy fully supports the China-Bahamas economic cooperation and trade, and is willing to offer necessary assist the company with its efforts to import more Chinese food and fruits. In this regard, the Ambassador advised the company to take part in the Guangzhou import and export fairs for more import channels and partners.

    President Frisch and General Manager O'Brien thanked the Ambassador and his staff for their visit and expressed their willingness to establish close ties of cooperation with the Chinese Embassy.

    Ambassador Hu expressed his appreciations to Mr. Frisch and Mr. O'Brien and presented BFS with some books on China.

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