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Chinese Ambassador Hu meets with Delegation from Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology

On November 27, 2011, Chinese Ambassador Hu Shan met with a delegation headed by Mr. Li Chuncheng, Vice President of Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology (NUIST), which is responsible for the implementation of the Confucius Institute in The Bahamas. Dr. Gao Hui of NUIST, who is teaching the Chinese language at the Confucius Classroom in College of The Bahamas (COB), and Counsellor Zhai Xingfu and Attache Yang Guang from the Embassy attended the meeting.

Ambassador Hu made a brief introduction of the The Bahamas to the delegation before proceeding to the cooperation between NUIST and COB. He said the Bahamian government and COB fully support the upgrading of the Confucius Classroom to a Confucius Institute while the general public of The Bahamas are very interested in learning the Chinese language, Chinese culture and all aspects of Today's China. Ambassador Hu also put forward some constructive ideas on how to better run the Institute.

Vice President Li expressed his thanks to Ambassador Hu and the Chinese Embassy for the strong support of teaching the Chinese language in The Bahamas and upgrading the Confucius Classroom to an Institute. He said the delegation would take the opportunity of this visit to finalize preparations of the upgrading ceremony and day-to-day operation of the Institute through communications with COB and relevant government departments. He also wishes to communicate with COB to explore exchange and cooperation between NUIST and COB in other areas such as environment protection, meteorological observation.

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