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Response to the so-called "Revised Report on China's Organ Harvesting "

As the first report, the so-called "revised report" made by a few Canadians is based on rumors and false allegations provided by Falun Gong. When the premises are wrong,how can the right verdict be drawn? Lots of overseas journalists and western diplomats in China have made independent investigation on this issue, and came to the conclusion that it is insufficient to prove Falun Gong's allegations. It is very clear that the report has ulterior political motives.

With respect to the human organ transplants, China has consistently abided by the relevant guiding principles of the World Health Organization endorsed in 1991, prohibiting the sale of human organs and stipulating that donors' written consent must be obtained beforehand and donors are entitled to refuse the donation at last minute. China has issued a regulation on human organ transplants, explicitly banning the sale of organs and introducing a set of medical standards for organ transplants in an effort to guarantee medical safety and the health of patients.

Falun Gong is neither a religious belief nor a spiritual movement. It is the same in nature as other cults banned in Canada, the United States, Europe and Japan and shares the same general features, namely, worshiping the cult founder, exercising mind control over its followers, advocating heretical fallacies, amassing wealth illegally and posing a threat to the society. Falun Gong has also degenerated into an anti-China political organization in recent years. They have been using the Canadian soil to engage in anti China activities. There are about 1.3 million people of Chinese origin who are now working, studying and living in Canada. If you ask the normal Chinese Canadians, you will find out that Falun Gong has very bad reputation among local Chinese communities. We hope that the Canadian people will be aware of the nature of "Falun Gong" and make contributions to promote China Canada relations. That will be beneficial to both countries and peoples of China and Canada.





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