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Spokesperson of the Chinese Embassy in Canada Strongly Condemns the Statement by the Canadian Foreign Minister on the Schellenberg's Case

On Aug 10, Canadian Foreign Minister Marc Garneau issued a statement making unwarranted accusations on the rejection of the Canadian drugs smuggler Robert Lloyd Schellenberg's appeal by the Liaoning High People's Court, which seriously interfered in China's judicial sovereignty and harshly violated the rule of law. We strongly condemn this.

The Canadian statement is totally against rule of law. The article 347 of the Criminal Law of China clearly stipulates that persons who smuggle, traffic in, transport or manufacture heroin or methamphetamine of not less than 50 grams shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of 15 years, life imprisonment or death. The Liaoning High People's Court reviewed the appeal in strictly accordance with law, held a public hearing, and concluded that the defendant Schellenberg was involved in organized international drug trafficking and conspired with others to smuggle a huge quantity of 222.035 kg of methamphetamine, which constituted drug smuggling. The Liaoning High People's Court upheld that the facts of the above case are clear, the evidence is reliable and sufficient, the procedures are legitimate and the sentence is appropriate. The Liaoning High People's Court rejected the appeal and upheld the original sentence. The Chinese judicial authorities have been handling the case in strict accordance with law and the Canadian side is in no position at all to point fingers at this.

The Canadian statement is totally unfair. The merit of rule of law lies in the equality of all people before the law. China is a friendly country and one under the rule of law as well. China will never allow anyone to have the privilege of transcending the law and whoever commits a crime in China will be punished. What matters is whether one abides by the law or not, and it has nothing to do with his or her nationality. On one hand, Canada keeps preaching it is a country under rule of law and advocates the so-called "independence of justice". On the other hand, some Canadian politicians and media keep attacking China's judicial system, and they are making unwarranted accusations on the ruling on Schellenberg's case. How ridiculous and hypocritical!

The Canadian statement is totally unreasonable. Drug crimes are serious crimes and bring great harm to the physical and mental health, lives and families of the public, especially those of the juvenile. At present, drug crimes are rampant in the world. Both the international society and the Chinese public call on cracking down the drug crimes and punish the concerned criminals severely. Canada is also the victim of drug trafficking. According to the relevant report, from Jan 2016 to June 2020, over 17000 Canadians died of opioid drugs. The Canadian side is seeking the "clemency" or "immunity"for the drug trafficker. If so, how to bring justice to the society? how to protect the legitimate rights and interests of those Chinese and their families who are victims of the drugs?

China's government will never allow any drug trafficker of any country to put the lives of Chinese people in jeopardy. The rule of law is no game. The Chinese side urges the Canadian side to respect the Chinese judicial sovereignty and stop making irresponsible remarks. Otherwise, the Canadian side will only humiliate itself in the end.

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