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Remarks By Ambassador Cong Peiwu On the Launching of "Online Chinese Culture Talk"

Since I arrived in Canada, I have found an increasing number of Canadian friends deeply interested in Chinese culture. In order to meet the desire of the Canadian friends from all walks of life to learn more about Chinese culture, the Chinese Embassy in Canada launched the Online Chinese Culture Talk series, inviting some prestigious Chinese scholars and artists to talk about the topics ranging from the time-honored Chinese language and characters, Chinese bronze ware, traditional Chinese medicine and intangible cultural heritage, to the popular Chinese Peking Opera, Chinese martial arts, Chinese cuisine, Chinese costumes, etc.

To help you better understand the Online Chinese Culture Talk, I would like to briefly introduce the characteristics of Chinese culture. As a country with 5,000-year-long civilization, China has a profound culture and Chinese culture is rich in the humanistic spirit featuring the people-centered approach, which advocates harmony among human beings and between man and nature. China has developed the ideas that the Chinese nation has held in great esteem since time immemorial, such as regarding peace as most precious, peace among all nations and universal love and non-aggression, thus shaping the national character that one should constantly strive for self-improvement and shoulder great responsibilities with great virtue. In the meantime, Chinese culture is inclusive, open and tolerant. It advocates seeking harmony in diversity and seeking common ground while reserving differences. It is willing to absorb the positive elements from other cultures, so as to promote the cultural exchanges and integration among all countries and achieve harmony and prosperity among all nations. At present, China has already made a new leap in its development, and Chinese culture is creating new glorious chapters. I believe you will discover more about Chinese culture in the Chinese Culture Talk series.

One session of the series is scheduled to be released each week, with each session lasting about 60 minutes. It is hoped that this online platform will give you a better understanding of Chinese culture and China in multiple dimensions and perspectives. After the epidemic, I hope you can visit China and see it with your own eyes, experience and feel the Chinese culture in person, and have an objective, true, and multi-dimensional view of China.

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