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Remarks of the Spokesperson of the Chinese Embassy in Canada on Reports about the Cancellation of a Planned Trip of Mayor of Quebec City

Recently, some Canadian media reported that mayor of Quebec City Régis Labeaume cancelled his planned trip to China in March, 2019 because it was difficult to arrange meetings with Chinese counterparts. According to the information we have, this was not the case. The Chinese side never set obstacles in the ways of people-to-people and sub-national exchanges and cooperation between China and Canada. People-to-people and sub-national exchanges and cooperation are the strongest bonds in China-Canada relations. We have noticed that some people from the Canadian side intentionally create a sense of panic on the grounds of travel safety, aiming to deter or restrain such non-governmental ties as educational, cultural and sub-national cooperation and people-to-people exchanges between China and Canada. We deeply regret this. Some unpleasant issues have indeed happened between China and Canada. But the Canadian people should not be held accountable for the consequences. We don’t expect the Canadian public be misled by the wrong information. China is one of the safest and most hospitable and friendly countries in the world. The Chinese side always welcomes friends from all over the world including Canadians to travel to China for visit, business and tourism, and ensures their safety and legitimate rights and interests in China.

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