Notice on the Application of the New Visa Application Form and the Full Implementation of Online Filling From

    Starting from August 1, 2020, the Chinese Embassy in Switzerland will use the new version of the Chinese visa application form and fully implement online filling, and will no longer accept the old version of the application form. Please check more details as follows:

    1. Fill in the form online

    All visa applicants (including those holding diplomatic and service passports, excluding applicants for Chinese Hong Kong vida and Chinese Macau visa) should fill in the form online (website for online filling: and print it out and sign on it, and submit it to our Embassy or the Chinese Visa Application Service Center in Bern ( together with other visa application documents.

    Note: Please fill in your personal information accurately when filling in the online form. If you fill in wrong or false information, your application may be rejected.

    2. Appointment and handling

    (1) Under normal circumstances, applicants holding diplomatic or service passports or diplomatic, service or courtesy visa applicants can submit the materials directly during the office hours of our library after completing the online form. However, due to the impact of the epidemic, the Embassy has temporarily suspended its on-site office work. The above applicants need to make an appointment with our Embassy via email (, and come to the embassy at the agreed time and bring the required materials.

    (2) All other applicants need to make an appointment with the Chinese Visa Application Service Center in Bern via email (, and bring the required materials to the application at the agreed time.

    3. Special reminder

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the National Immigration Administration of China issued an announcement on March 26, 2020, starting at 0:00 on March 28, 2020, temporarily stopping foreigners from entering China with currently valid visas and residence permits. The entry of foreigners with APEC business travel cards is suspended. Policies such as port visas, 24/72/144-hour transit visa exemption, Hainan visa exemption, Shanghai cruise visa exemption, 144-hour visa exemption for foreigners from Hong Kong and Macau to enter Guangdong in groups from Hong Kong and Macau, and Guangxi visa exemption for ASEAN tourist groups are suspended. Entry with diplomatic, official, courteous, and C visas will not be affected. Foreigners who come to China to engage in necessary economic, trade, scientific and technological activities, as well as emergency humanitarian needs, can apply for visas from Chinese embassies and consulates abroad. Entry of foreigners with visas issued after the announcement will not be affected.

    According to the above announcement, if you need to go to China to implement flight plans, engage in necessary economic, trade, scientific and technological activities, or for urgent humanitarian needs, you can apply for a visa at the Berne Visa Application Service Center as required by this notice. Other visa applications will not be accepted temporarily.

    Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.