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Notice on Application of HDC code for people going to China


The current situation of the COVID-19 pandemic in Cyprus is serious. Some passengers failed to apply for and get the HDC code due to the test results, thus affecting their travel itinerary. According to the pandemic situation in Cyprus and China's relevant regulations of pandemic prevention and control, here are the reminders for the application of HDC code:

First, those who have a history of infection should report to our Embassy in advance in order to learn about the regulations on applying for HDC code. It is highly recommended that they should book air tickets to China after confirmation with our Embassy that they meet the requirements.

Second, since the factors leading to a positive IgM result for the vaccinated people is complicated, and the test standards of various laboratories in Cyprus are inconsistent, it is recommended that the vaccinated people should arrange the travel itinerary after they are fully vaccinated and the IgM test results become negative.

Third, for those who have not been vaccinated, it is recommended to provide the antibody IgG test result as a reference on the basis of PCR and antibody IgM test reports. This will help the Embassy to comprehensively judge the situation, in order to avoid further delays of your travel itinerary.

It is strongly advised that non-essential and non-urgent traveling should be avoided to reduce the risks of cross-infection and retentions in transit countries. At the same time, precautions should be taken before boarding and during the journey to protect the health of yourself and your families.

The telephone number for consular protection and assistance of the Chinese Embassy in Cyprus: 00357-9951148/00357-99544504.


                             Chinese Embassy in Cyprus

July 30, 2021

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