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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Lu Kang's Regular Press Conference on January 9, 2019




Q: Is this round of trade talks between China and the US over? What are the results if you can tell us some of them? And when will be the next-level talks and where are they going to be?


A: I can confirm that this round of trade talks between China and the US has concluded. I believe that the outcomes of the talks will be out soon.


As to when and how the next round of talks will be held, you might find the answer you want in the press release.


Q: On January 8, Madagascar's High Constitutional Court proclaimed Andry Rajoelina winner of the country's presidential election. He won 55.66 percent of the votes. What is your comment?


A: We have noted that Madagascar's High Constitutional Court has announced the result of its presidential election. We congratulate Mr. Rajoelina on winning the election.


As a friendly country to Madagascar, China consistently attaches importance to China-Madagascar relations and stands ready to work with the new government of Madagascar to deepen cooperation on jointly building the Belt and Road Initiative, earnestly implement the outcomes of the FOCAC Beijing Summit, and scale the China-Madagascar Comprehensive Partnership for Cooperation to new heights.


Q: US officials said that this round of trade talks with China went pretty well. Would China characterize the talks as a success?


A: I just said that the official outcomes of the talks will be out soon. Let's just have some patience and wait for the official press release. I believe if they are good outcomes, not only China and the US, but also the world economy, would stand to benefit.


Q: The closing ceremony for the "China-CEEC Sub-national Cooperation Year" was held this morning. How do you comment on the sub-national cooperation between China and the CEEC over the past year?


A: Sub-national cooperation is an important part of "16+1 cooperation" and strengthening sub-national cooperation between China and the CEEC is an important consensus reached between the leaders of the 17 countries. In 2018, which was the China-CEEC Sub-national Cooperation Year, China and relevant Central and Eastern European Countries have injected positive momentums to the development of sub-national development and held the fourth China-CEEC Local Leaders' Meeting, during which four Chinese provinces and 17 CEEC localities have become new members of the China-CEEC Association of Governors of Provinces and Regions. Meanwhile, local governments of the 16+1 countries have been actively promoting practical cooperation in various fields, with positive progress made in industrial parks building, economy and trade, science and technology, education, culture and people-to-people exchanges. China and the Central Eastern European Countries have forged over 160 pairs of sister provinces, states and cities.


Facts have proven that the "16+1 cooperation" will absorb more nutrients for its development only by taking roots deeply at the sub-national level. We will earnestly draw on the experience from the success of the "16+1 Sub-national Cooperation Year" and work with the Central and Eastern European Countries to leverage comparative strengths, realize mutual benefit and win-win results, and forge a new landscape for the "16+1 cooperation".


Q: Can you confirm that the China-US trade talks were extended for one day? Some media commented that the talks were extended because negotiations were proven to be more difficult than previously thought. What is your comment?


A: The Spokesperson of the Commerce Ministry announced that the trade talks between China and the US were scheduled for January 7 and 8. I can confirm that the talks did get extended as agreed by the two sides. But does that signal a tough process? I can only say that in a bilateral consultation, both parties need to make real efforts, and an extended consultation could mean that both parties were seriously and earnestly engaged in it.


Q: Can you confirm that President Xi Jinping met with DPRK Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un and what was discussed?


A: Chairman Kim Jong-un made this visit to China at the invitation of General Secretary and President Xi Jinping. There is no doubt that General Secretary and President Xi Jinping will meet and hold talks with him. Let's wait for the official release of the relevant information.


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