Ambassador Lu Kun Accompanies Prime Minister Skerrit on the Inspection of the China-Aided Hospital

On May 13, 2019, H.E. Lu Kun, Chinese Ambassador to Dominica accompanied Honorable Roosevelt Skerrit, Prime Minister of Dominica, on the inspection of the China-aided reconstruction and expansion project of the Princess Margaret Hospital. Also present were over 10 Cabinet ministers, including Honorable Reginald Austrie, Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries, Honorable Kenneth Darroux, Minister of Health and Social Services and Honorable Francine Baron, Minister of Foreign and CARICOM Affairs.

Prime Minister Skerrit, accompanied by Ambassador Lu, inspected the Emergency Building and the Medical Technology Building #1 that were soon to be handed over to Dominican government. After the inspection, Prime Minister Skerrit and Ambassador Lu listened to the work report by Head of Hunan Construction Engineering Group, the constructor of the project.

Prime Minister Skerrit thanked the Chinese government for its generosity and the Chinese Embassy in Dominica for its support. He also thanked the Chinese construction company for its hard work, saying this project would greatly benefit local people by improving their hospital hardwares and medical services. He emphasized that this project is a symbol of China-Dominica friendship and is pleased to see it renamed as China-Dominica Friendship Hospital. Dominica will cherish its relations with China as a true friend, adhere to the One-China policy and support China in international affairs.

Ambassador Lu said that this China-aided project is a milestone in the development of China-Dominica relations. Renaming the hospital would further help people remember the friendship between the two countries. He pointed out that the Chinese construction company carry out the project responsibly, focusing on quality and in particular, providing hurricane-proof facilities. The medical facilities China donated are also top-notch. Lu said China and Dominica have made remarkable progress in the development of their relations over the past 15 years of diplomatic relations. He applauded and thanked Dominica for adhering to the One-China policy and supporting China in international affairs and expressed confidence that the bilateral relations will grow stronger.

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