Statement of the Spokesperson of Chinese Embassy in Estonia on the Estonian Foreign Intelligence Service's annual report of International Security which contains China-related content

China is one of the first countries recognized Estonian restoration of independence. Since the establishment of bilateral diplomatic relations with Estonia, China is committed to develop our friendly cooperation relations based on the principles of mutual respect, non-interference to each others' internal affairs and equality regardless of country size. Especially in recent years, the high-level exchange of visits are observed. Bilateral exchange of cultural activities keeps increasing. The pragmatic cooperation in various fields has been deepened and achievements seen by all, benefiting our two countries and two peoples.

However, an astonishment is stirred up by the annual report of the International Security of Estonia 2020 published on 12/2 by Estonian Foreign Intelligence Service. The part concerned China is characterized by ignorance, prejudice as well as the cold war mindset. Regardless the prospective on-going relations between China and Estonia, it presents China as a so-called country of threat by stories out of nothing, distorted facts or malicious attacks. This is neither professional nor responsible. It is definitely misleading the public in Estonia and international community. It is a damage to the bilateral relations as well as the hurt of good feelings of Chinese people towards Estonia. We strongly oppose the part concerned China.

The Estonian Foreign Intelligence Service is requested, based on facts and truth, to correct its wrong expressions to remove the negative impact. They should stop releasing the distorted report alike which harms both home and others. They are advised to make useful and practical efforts to support development of bilateral relations.

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