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Wang Yi Speaks with Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu on the Phone

On August 18, 2021, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi had a phone conversation with Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu at the latter's request. Both sides mainly exchanged ideas on the situation in Afghanistan.

Wang Yi said, the situation in Afghanistan has changed overnight, and what will happen next depends on the policy of the Afghan Taliban. Taliban leaders have sent positive signals to the outside world, saying they would address issues faced by the people and fulfill the people's wishes. A Taliban spokesperson said, the Taliban will ensure the safety of embassies of all countries in Afghanistan, is willing to establish good relations with all countries, and will never allow anybody to threaten other countries on the territory of Afghanistan. Wang Yi welcomes those remarks, and expects that the commitments will be turned into concrete policies and actions. This Taliban spokesperson also proposes to form an inclusive government in Afghanistan, making the country no longer a hub of opium planting and drug dealing. This also signals a right direction.

Wang Yi said, only after the withdrawal of foreign troops, the Afghan people have the opportunity of seizing their destiny in their own hands, and it becomes possible to truly implement the basic "Afghan-led, Afghan-owned" principle. The key now is to find a reconstruction path that is suited to the national conditions of Afghanistan, in line with the trend of the times, and understood and supported by the Afghan people. To do so, the Afghan Taliban needs to make a clear break with all terrorist forces and take measures to crack down on the international terrorist organizations designated by the United Nations Security Council, including the East Turkistan Islamic Movement.

Noting that many problems pile up in Afghanistan, the U.S. troop withdrawal leaves behind new thorny issues, and there is the risk of civil war in Afghanistan, Wang Yi said, it will be difficult for the process of peace reconstruction to go smoothly. The international community should jointly encourage and support all the parties and ethnic groups in Afghanistan to cooperate in solidarity during the process, so as to open a new chapter in the history of Afghanistan.

Cavusoglu expressed his total agreement with Wang Yi on the Afghan issue. Cavusoglu said, China's views and stance on the Afghan situation are objective and fair, which respect the choice of the Afghan people and also encourage the Taliban to act in a responsible manner. All parties in Afghanistan should search for an inclusive solution, preventing the country from becoming the birthplace of terrorism again. Peace and stability in Afghanistan are very important for regional countries, including China and Turkey. For the moment, calm is gradually returning to Kabul, and the Taliban is revising its domestic and foreign policies in a positive direction. The Turkish side is willing to maintain close coordination and cooperation with the Chinese side, and push the situation in Afghanistan to develop in a favorable direction as soon as possible.

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