Chinese Ambassador Hands Over FJ$ 210,000 Cash to Fiji Red Cross Society for TC Yasa Relief

On December 17, a Category 5 tropical cyclone "Yasa" struck Fiji, causing injuries and loss of lives and huge property damage. Many places in the north part were severely affected.

On December 19, Chinese Ambassador to Fiji Qian Bo handed over a cheque of 210,000 Fiji dollars as an humanitarian emergency assistance on behalf of the Red Cross Society of China to Ms. Ilisapeci Rokotunidau, Director-General of the Fiji Red Cross Society, which is confirmed as the first foreign donation to the FRCS.

Ambassador Qian highly commended that the Fijian government had lost no time in doing its utmost to protect the life of people and relieve the disaster, and the Fiji Red Cross has also taken active measures in the frontline. "We pay tribute to the FRCS staff who are working relentlessly in the front line of disaster relief."

"China itself is a country which suffers a lot from natural disasters each year. The Chinese Government and people are very sympathetic with the devastation incurred on the Fijian people by the TC Yasa. Our feelings are with those who lost their loved ones and suffered property damage and losses. We are confident that under the strong leadership of Fijian Government, and with the help of the international community, the Fijian people will overcome difficulties and resume their normal lives as soon as possible," Ambassador Qian said.

The Chinese Embassy in Fiji is keeping close contact and communication with the relevant departments of Fijian Government, and China will continue supporting Fijian government and people for disaster relief wherever needed.

The Director-General of the Fiji Red Cross Society thanked China's generous and in-time assistance and briefed the Ambassador about the current and following rescue work of the society.