Ambassador Huang Zheng Met with Floor Leader of FSM Congress

On October 4, Ambassador Huang Zheng met with Hon. Florencio Harper, Floor leader of the 20th Congress of the FSM.

Floor Leader Harper gave an introduction on the social and economic developments of Chuuk State which he represents in the National Congress, and he expressed gratitude for China’s long and selfless aids. He said that the FSM Congress will continue to strictly abide by the One-China policy, support the bilateral friendly relations and look forward to more pragmatic cooperations between Chuuk and China.

Ambassador Huang said that the Chinese Embassy in the FSM would make joint efforts with FSM Congress to deepen the cooperations and exchanges between legislatures in both China and the FSM, promote China-FSM strategic partnership to a new high and bring more benefits to the two peoples. Ambassador Huang emphasized that the new Chuuk government building soon to be completed will become a new symbol of China-FSM friendship. He is looking forward to attending the hand-over ceremony with Hon. Harper and other FSM leaders, which will write a new chapter for the bilateral cooperations.

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