Ambassador Huang Zheng Met with President of the Pohnpei Farmer's Association

Ambassador Huang Zheng Met with Mr. Neibert Peres, the President of the Pohnpei Farmer’s Association. Mr. Xu Fan, member of the leadership of the Chinese Embassy, attended the meeting.

Ambassador Huang exchanged views on the development of bilateral agricultural cooperation with Mr. Peres and expressed the support from the Chinese Embassy to the World Food Day activities organized by the association. Mr. Peres thanked the Chinese side for the long-standing support for the agricultural development of the FSM, and expressed his willingness to enhance the cooperation between the Pohnpei Farmer’s Association and the Chinese Embassy. Ambassador Huang said that agriculture is an important area of people's livelihood. The needs of the FSM side are the directions of China's assistance. The Chinese side is willing to carry out more agricultural cooperation projects, continuously improve the agricultural technology and living conditions of the local people and to bring real benefits to the local peoples in both China and the FSM.

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