Ambassador Huang Zheng Met with Chief Justice of FSM Supreme Court

On October 19, H.E. Huang Zheng, Chinese Ambassador to the FSM, met with Hon. Dennis K. Yamase, Chief Justice of the FSM Supreme Court.

H.E. Huang Zheng expressed thanks to Hon. Yamase for the great assistance the FSM Supreme Court has provided to some projects between China and the FSM. H.E. Huang said that the Chinese Embassy in the FSM would work closely with the FSM Supreme Court to further implement the important consensuses reached between Chinese President Xi Jinping and the FSM President Peter Christian and strengthen people to people exchanges in judiciary area and to promote China-FSM strategic partnership to a new high.

Hon. Yamase expressed sincere gratitudes for China’s long-standing selfless assistance to the FSM in the past years, and said that the FSM Supreme Court would continue to support the bilateral friendly relations, adhere to the One-China policy and look forward to more exchanges in judiciary area with its counterparts in China and to further promote FSM-China relations.

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