Ambassador Huang Zheng Met with Secretary of Health and Social Affairs

On December 18, H.E. Ambassador Huang Zheng met with Hon. Magdalena Walter, Secretary of Health and Social Affairs and Mr. Johnny Hadley, Administrator of Pohnpei State Hospital.

H.E. Ambassador Huang said Chinese President Xi Jinping and the FSM President Peter Christian reached important consensuses during their recent meeting in Papua New Guinea, elevating the China-FSM relationship to the comprehensive strategic partnership and that strengthening cooperations in health care, education, people to people exchanges and other fields is an important part of China-FSM joint pursuit of the Belt and Road Initiative and building a community with a shared future for the humanity as well as important connotation of China-FSM comprehensive strategic partnership. H.E. Ambassador Huang said Chinese Embassy would work closely with the Department to strengthen the cooperation in the field of medical and health care, improve medical and health conditions of the local people and bring more benefits of the China-FSM comprehensive strategic partnership to the peoples in both countries.

Hon. Walter thanked China for its long-standing medical assistance to the FSM and said the FSM is fully aware that China’s assistance is sincere and selfless. She stressed that the FSM admired the great achievements made by China and would like to further promote FSM-China partnership in various fields.

The two sides exchanged in-depth views on sending a Chinese medical team to the FSM as soon as possible and the Department of Health and Social Affairs providing assistance for Guangdong Chinese medical team.

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