Chinese Embassy in FSM hosts New Year party for FSM Department of Foreign Affairs colleagues

On the evening of December 21st, 2018, H.E. Huang Zheng, Chinese Ambassador to the FSM, invited Hon. Samson Pretrick, FSM Deputy Secretary of Foreign Affairs, together with a dozen staff members with spouses and children of the Department of Foreign Affairs to a Christmas and New Year party hosted by the Embassy. The DCM, Councilor Zhang Weitao, was the master of ceremony, joined by outgoing Councilor Li Cuiying and the other staff members and family on the mission.

Ambassador Huang Zheng, in his welcome remarks, pointed out the significance of New Year as a major festival in both East and West, blessing a fresh start and a new journey. Ambassador Huang stressed that around one month ago, H.E. Chinese President Xi Jinping and H.E. President Peter Christian of the FSM, in their historic summit at Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, jointly announced the elevation of China-FSM relations to a Comprehensive Strategic Partnership, chartering the course for future development of the bilateral relations. Entering the year of 2019, when China and the FSM will have enjoyed 30 years of diplomatic relations, China calls upon the FSM to work shoulder to shoulder to implement the important consensus reached at the Port Moresby Summit, to propel the in-depth development of the China-FSM Comprehensive Strategic Partnership and to jointly pursue the Belt and Road Initiative and to build the Community with a Shared Future for the Humanity. Ambassador Huang expressed sincere gratitude to the FSM colleagues for their continuous substantial support and assistance rendered to the Chinese Embassy over the years and expected the rank and file diplomats on both sides to deepen mutual understanding and friendship while cultivating teamwork among each other, which shall in turn consolidate the sound communication and coordination between the two sides, in a concerted effort to compose new chapters of the China-FSM relations in the years to come.

Deputy Secretary Pretrick, on behalf of Secretary Lorin Robert, extended warm regards and best wishes to his Chinese colleagues on this special occasion in his thank-you remarks. He fully concurred with what Ambassador Huang had said, specifically the milestone significance of the decision, jointly made by Chinese President Xi Jinping and FSM President Peter Christian at Port Moresby to elevate the bilateral relations, which demonstrated that the FSM-China relations had entered a new stage. Deputy Secretary Pretrick pledged the Department's full support to and cooperation with the Chinese Embassy in implementing the important achievements of the summit in all respects to advance the FSM-China relations to a higher level in the year of 2019, marking its 30th anniversary. Mr. Pretrick also presented to the Embassy, as a gesture of good will, local produce prepared by his staff.


The party was filled with joyful atmosphere and engulfed in festive melodies of both East and West, featured with tempting Chinese cuisine and lovely gifts prepared by the Embassy staff. The diplomats on both sides also participated in a series of team-building games in high spirits at the party.

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