Ambassador Huang Zheng invites Former President Emmanuel Mori to New Year dinner

On the evening of November 27th, H.E. Huang Zheng, Chinese Ambassador to the FSM, invited H.E Emmanuel Mori, the 7th President of the Federated States of Micronesia, to have dinner at his residence on the occasion of New Year. They were joined by Mme. Emma Nelson-Mori, Honorary President of the Micronesia-China Friendship Association, along with some of their children and grandchildren, Mr. Zhang Weitao, Councilor and DCM of the Chinese Embassy and Mr. Xu Fan, Second Secretary for Economic and Trade Affairs of the Embassy.

Ambassador Huang extended New Year greetings and best wishes to the Mori Family and highly commented on President Mori's historic contributions to the China-FSM relations, addressing him "an old friend of the Chinese people". Ambassador Huang was referring particularly to President Mori's summit with H.E. Chinese President Xi Jinping at Nadi, Fiji, in November, 2014, during which they agreed to establish the China-FSM Strategic Partnership based on mutual respect and common development. Four years later, President Xi reached important consensus with H.E. Peter Christian, Incumbent President of the FSM, during their summit in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, jointly announcing the elevation of the China-FSM relations to a Comprehensive Strategic Partnership. He pledged that China will continue to provide support and assistance to the FSM within her capabilities, increasing input in the fields of education, health and people-to-people relations, etc., in order to promote the sustainable development of the FSM and the connectivity between China and the FSM, in the joint pursuit of the Belt and Road Initiative and building of the Community with a Shared Future for the Humanity.


Ambassador Huang quoted an old Chinese saying: when drinking water, never forget the one who dug the well. He pointed out that the China-FSM relations have entered a new era and the two countries will have enjoyed 30 years of diplomatic relations by 2019, but the Chinese government and people will never forget those pioneers and leaders, just like H.E. Mori, who made historic contributions to the friendly cooperations and exchanges between the two countries and are willing to provide assistance and facilitation to their family as usual. Meanwhile, Ambassador Huang updated to President Mori on latest progress of the China-FSM cooperations in various areas and requested he continue to follow and support the development of the China-FSM relations. At the dinner, Ambassador Huang presented to President Mori New Year's Greeting Card on behalf of the Chinese side, as well as gifts full of Chinese cultural elements to him and family.

President Mori, in thanking Ambassador Huang for the kind invitation, said he was truly touched by the Chinese virtue of always remembering old friends while making new ones, which was showcased through practical actions. He expressed his delight and satisfaction with the elevation of the FSM -China relations to a Comprehensive Strategic Partnership and the continuous sound development in depth and width of the bilateral cooperations and exchanges in various fields. President Mori and Mrs. Mori joyfully recalled their multiple visits to China, during which they were impressed by a prosperous and advanced China in comprehensively deepening reform and the generous hospitality of the Chinese government and people. President Mori reassured Ambassador Huang of the unwavering and strict adherence to the One China Policy by both him and the current FSM government and that more and more Pacific island countries will come to conform to this international consensus and general trend. President Mori went on to pledge his continued support and assistance, with his influence and connections, to the joint pursuit by the FSM and China of the Belt and Road Initiative and the building of the Community with a Shared Future for the Humanity.

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