Chinese Embassy in the FSM Hosts Spring Festival Reception

As the Chinese Spring Festival approaches, Chinese Ambassador to the FSM, H.E. Huang Zheng and his wife, Ms. Zhao Yingguang held a reception on 1st February, 2019, at Cupid's Bar & Grille, Pohnpei, to ring in the Chinese Lunar New Year and celebrate the 30th anniversary of China-FSM diplomatic relations. More than 150 distinguished guests attended the reception, including H.E. Yosiwo George, Vice President of the FSM, Hon. David Panuelo and Hon. Ferny Perman, Senators of the FSM Congress, Hon. Lorin Robert, Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Hon. Sihna Lawrence, Secretary of Finance & Administration, Hon. Marion Henry, Secretary of Research and Development, Hon. Ginger Mida, Post Master General, Hon. Marcelo Peterson, Governor of Pohnpei State, Hon. Dana Smith, Attorney General of Pohnpei State, Hon. Shelten Neth, Senator of Pohnpei State Legislature, H.E. Carl Apis, FSM Ambassador to China, and H.E. George Fraser, Dean of the Diplomatic Corps & Australian Ambassador to the FSM, among other officials of the national and Pohnpei state governments, members of the private sector, academia, health sector,media, diplomatic corps and Chinese compatriots and company managers, along with Mr. Zhang Weitao, Councilor and DCM , Mr. Xu Fan, Second Secretary for Economic and Trade Affairs and other staffs of the Chinese Embassy in FSM.

Ambassador Huang briefly introduced the auspicious meaning of Chinese Lunar New Year and extended festival greetings . Recalling the fruitful outcomes of bilateral communication and cooperation in various fields in the past 30 years, Ambassador Huang pointed out that the reasons why China and FSM have enjoyed sound and steady growth of bilateral relations are as follows. China always believes FSM is a good friend, good brother and good partner and will continue to uphold the correct viewpoint of righteous and profit ,the ideas of realness, tangibility, closeness and sincerity. To implement the idea of teaching people how to fish, China has been providing support and assistance to the FSM within her capabilities, based on the principles of equality, reciprocity, opening-up and sustainability. The FSM firmly upholds the One-China policy, cooperates with China in important international and regional affairs, accommodates each other's core interests and major concerns.

In November 2018, President Xi Jinping reached important consensus with President Peter Christian during their summit in Papua New Guinea, jointly announcing the elevation of the China-FSM relations to a Comprehensive Strategic Partnership. Ambassador Huang emphasized that this indicates the direction for China-FSM relationship trajectory. In addition to the assistance in traditional fields of infrastructure, economic and technical support, agriculture and fishery, China will ramp up its assistance in science, education, culture, health, and grass-root communication, etc. China will work together with the FSM to jointly pursue the Belt and Road Initiative and build a Community with a Shared Future for the Humanity.

Ambassador Huang said that this Spring Festival reception is the third of a series of events celebrating China-FSM 30th anniversary of formal diplomatic relations. Chinese Lunar New Year is the most important traditional holiday in China and also a feast of culture. As an old saying goes, only heart-to-heart exchanges can last long. In the future, China would like to enhance cultural exchanges through traditional art and cultural products communication, so as to promote mutual understanding and friendship and learn from each other.

On behalf of FSM government and people, Vice President George extended his New Year greetings and best wishes to Chinese government and people. He said that during last 30 years, FSM and China endeavor to strengthen mutual trust, promote cooperation in various fields, and increase cultural exchange. Chinese assistance has no political strings attached and plays an important role in economic and social development in FSM. FSM government and people appreciate that and will work with Chinese Embassy to successfully host a serious of events celebrating FSM and China’s 30th anniversary of diplomatic relations. Meanwhile, FSM will firmly uphold the One-China policy, borrow from Chinese experience of development, and make efforts together with China to enrich the connotation of the Comprehensive Strategic Partnership, promote the bilateral communication and cooperation to a higher level, make new contributions to the joint pursuit of the Belt and Road Initiative and the building of a Community with a Shared Future for the Humanity.

The reception, decorating with Spring Festival couplets, Chinese character “fu”(meaning blessing or happiness), Chinese knot, red paper-cuttings and lanterns, as well as banana leaves, tropical flowers and red ribbon, looks beautiful and harmonious. Guests enjoyed videos featuring the origin and practices of Chinese Lunar New Year, Chinese cuisine prepared by the Chinese embassy and a performance by a high school band from Pohnpei state.

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